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How to Order

by Pat Mitchell in How to Order
  • Contact me by phone (289-518-0151) or in the reply section of my website. I welcome all inquiries and will answer any questions you may have.
  • Send your animal photos by email<>
  • Your email should include, photos, the size of the final painting and a few interesting facts about your pet. For instance:  Your pet’s name, breed, colours or any little mannerisms or habits they may have. I know all animals are different , just as we are and I love to hear about their personalities before I paint them. The background choice you want and anything else that may be relevant to you.
  • As I progress on the portrait, I will update you by email, on the progress, and welcome any input you might see or want to change.
  • Shipping in Canada is free. International shipping, I will get an estimate and it will include insurance.
  • Portraits will be packed securely to prevent damage and are not framed
  • At each stage of the piece, you will get an email to update you on progress and for your own input.
  • When finished, and the payment is received the portrait will be shipped out to you. There is a non refundable $20.00 deposit fee, when booked. I will accept Paypal or Bank Transfer.

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