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Pat Mitchell Studio

Animal Pencil Artist
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What have I been up to ?

I am sorry I have been so long in sending out a letter to my subscribers, but I have had a few challenging commissions to deal with. Unfortunately, when I get into my new project, I seem to forget all else, which, of course, is both good and bad. I… read more

How to Order

Contact me by phone (289-518-0151) or in the reply section of my website. I welcome all inquiries and will answer any questions you may have. Send your animal photos by email<> Your email should include, photos, the size of the final painting and a few interesting facts about your pet.… read more

Animal Portraits Sizes and Prices

Coloured and or Pastel Pencils on white background. 9 x 12"  $200.00, 11 x 14"  $300.00 12 x 16"  $400.00 Coloured and or Pastel Pencils on Pastelmat with full background. 9 x 12"  $300.00 11 x 14" $400.00 12 x 16"  $500.00